Pokerface-Play or Stay 

Once you get your crap together and stop focusing on the have and have nots then you can more effectively change the world around you.  

The Trumps, Kardashians, Clintons, and Obamas won’t change your personal status in life or on FB.  

It doesn’t matter who is in office or what organization earns the most millions.  It’s the seed you plant on the inside which will grow good fruit or bad.  You will either reap a bountiful harvest or suffer a drought through your inaction and unwillingness to press on. 

It’s the difference between apples and oranges or whether you believe a tomato is a fruit or vegetable.  

It’s all in perception and your choice in direction.  Take the next step and acquire a new skill or mind-set; new technical or career training or education.  

Whatever you do the above families will still be counting the Benjamins and savoring wine from the view on top.  Why not prepare for your own climb up to the peak. The hike will not be easy, but if you put in the effort and hard but ‘smart’ work you will begin to sow into greatness. 

You can choose to succeed in any economy and under any leadership.  People will still make money-you either play your hand or you fold, you raise your bet or you stay.  

You might need a different play strategy however every ‘scenario’ has a silver lining.  Play fair and just roll with it. 

-Mark Adam Publishing 2017

Where winning is a state of mind.” 

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