Sleeping Angel in Bohol 

Sleeping angel, where do you lay your wings, as you rest your weary pretty head, do you place your halo on the bedpost, or keep it close to you at night.

Just close your eyes, I will stand watch over you tonight, keep the vampires away. 

I will hold you close-protect your body, shield you from the shadows lurking in the moonlight, embrace you tightly-never letting go, that thought of losing you permeates me from head to toe.

And guard your tender heart as your soul takes flight, from twilight till dawn’s early light.

Into the morn where our journey transcends two vivacious dreamers down that road less traveled.  I will hold your hand, grasp it tight as we dive off the cliff together into the crystal clear blue waters of our tranquil island paradise.
©Mark Adam Publishing 2016 

Be still and Know that I am Love.” 

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