“As we fight or fret over the best parking space we know, 

To acquire with credit or cash the gifts we find and guard in our carts like hidden treasure, 

The cashiers are Santa’s little elves all in good cheer; dressed in red and green hats as they smile and sing gaily as can be,

Our presents wrapped in boxes, large and small with colorful paper, tinsel, ribbon, and bow to surprise looks on the faces of those we adore as they tear apart the package we so lovingly crafted,

We adhered to the list, better check twice to see if you were silly, naughty, doubtful, or nice, 

The excitement and hugs are our reward for a job well done in a circle of love, 

Surrounded by those we care for the most and hold precious and dearest to us, 

As that hopeful, young couple gave birth to the Savior in a manger, 

That miracle of the season lives on within our hearts, 

As we give that greatest gift of all-Ourselves with open arms of love,

Merry Christmas to all and safe journey on your sleigh ride tonight.”

©Mark Adam Publishing 2016

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