“Losing myself trying to hold onto you. 

Losing my religion trying to have blind faith in you. 

Losing my mind trying to rationalize the reason I fell in love with you. 

Losing my strength trying to catch up to you in this marathon of circumstances and second chances. 

Losing my body trying to embrace a shadow which alludes me so. 

Losing my sex trying to feel you deep inside me as if it was one endless climatic dream. 

Losing my heart trying to keep it from breaking with every thought of losing you. 

All out of love.  All out of time.  All out of control.  All out of body, mind, and soul.  

Losing my salvation trying to find one last personal Revival.

This is my journey on the #Flight2Love.”

©GRC Media Group/Mark Adam Publishing 2016 

“Be still and Know that I am Love.”

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