Sometimes its in the fog when we find ourselves.  In the storm where we take stock of our life and see what we can do different or ‘outside our closet or the place we lay our head’ to de-clutter our mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual selves and re-organize our accumulated stuff; cleaning the rooms of our messy life.  

In other words, its ok to be messed up, screwed up, or otherwise yourself.  We are imperfect beings in imperfect bodies and imperfect minds.  Now if we just find that ‘imaginary perfect soulmate’ we will be balanced in this crazy insane in the membrane universe.

Remember we all have that friend who we can either get into trouble with or save the day.  Our path to being a greater You begins today.  

As a teacher once said, “Make it a great day or not.  The choice begins with you.” 

© GRC Media/Mark Adam Publishing 2016

Photo of an old abandoned house in Halifax County, North Carolina. 

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