What is love? Baby don’t hurt me no more.”  That song still plays in my head as it did when I first watched my fav all time movie, Night at the Roxbury.  Those of us who live in Southern California, especially us Hollywierd types.  As a one time location scout and Showbiz Expo participant I can relate to this longing to fulfill a dream and keep it alive as we work our mundane, stressful jobs; as your own boss, vying to be, or maneuvering up the social ladder on that corporate political pyramid.

Love in the Age of Hate.  I prefer to Love in the Time of Cholera and Love as if there is no tomorrow.  Much as John Cusack did in Serendipity, I will not relent or settle for a mediocre existence in the pursuit of love, even if at times you come across as a Jackass-be yourself and don’t write your own orbituary (not now, not ever).  Don’t let anyone steal your dream or your Universal Soulmate away from you.  Be your own Rainbow in the Storm and manifest that pot of gold.  Always remember, ‘Dream, Ask, Receive, Expect’ (DARE)-that’s our role in the Universe and that’s our first step to change.

If you have a broken heart, an imperfect body (which we all have), or a restless mind-we can all attest to this need for validation, self-worth, and self-love.  

Know that you all are loved and any selfies are welcome.  I’d love to post any selfies you may have to my blog and get a chain of interlocking love going.  

Let’s show in our own Time of Cholera and our strive for a serendipitous life that we all have something unique and special to offer to those around us.  

A passion-filled purpose as we strive to be and show our true self in each one of us.

© GRC Media/Mark Adam Publishing 2016 

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