Just another Manic Monday.  Wish it were yesterday still, cause that’s my fun in the Sunday.  The wind and rain pounds on the glass overlooking the horizon beyond this sanctuary I call home.  As my heart beats against my chest, I stir my still restful body to awaken from its comfort zone.  

Nature knows it’s my time to wake my happy ass up from the wrong side of my queen size pillow top bed.  This is one of those mornings where I feel the moaning and pouting of my inner goddess to stay under the covers.  Hello and Goodbye Siri as my iPhone faceplants the far wall of my sacred dream chambers.

Strong, gale force winds and storm clouds fast approaching.  The freeway marquee gives a high wind and heavy rain advisory on the way  to my downtown office in the greater San Fernando Valley of our Golden State of California.  

Don’t we wish a clearly visible warning would alert us from a miscalculation or misstep up ahead which, in some cases, can cause serious challenges for us in the future.  

Be it relationally, socially, professionally, or spiritually-we must tune out the noise of missed opportunities and tune in to that internal intuition which our delta sleep stage may subconsciously beckon us to wake up with our eyes wide shut.  

Our internal drive through persistent heart-felt passion and desire will shout over the voices of negativity and complacency encompassing our external focus and sphere of influence.

The dawn will always follow the night and a chance to start refreshed and ready to DIVE in again to crystal-clear waters of free, unrestricted thinking.  This inner-realignment shifts our paradigm to a forward-oriented, solution-centered focus.  

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