Take some time today to reflect on the best moments, those picture perfect postcard ones then gather up all the imperfect, dysfunctional, not ready yet times over the past Thanksgiving holiday.  

Those snapshots we tend to hide away in our little shoebox or toss into the circular file of our private lives.  We only share and celebrate with the public or even our friends, family, social media, lovers, partners, and spouses the best of the best.  

Our well manicured nails, body, and lawns must match with our well manicured outer persona we choose to show those who we try so hard to impress.  

As if our self-worth is measured by our performance, financial accounts, or the glamorous life of having the ‘Play-Doh wife or husband’- as we bend and shape him/her into the perfect toy. 
Reality is a package deal of the good and bad, of the bad ass and the faceplant in this thing we call living with passion.  

As my late father would say, “Get real.” 

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