ONLY YOU – Short Blog Series on Leadership Development 

Only you know what is best for you.  That seems like an obvious statement, however how often are we doubting our own action steps in light of what a colleague, best friend, spouse, partner, loved one and/or a family member said ‘ in our best interest.’ 
We may be on the path least traveled based upon a vision, a dream, an intuitive hunch, or a calculated risk.  That idea, goal, educational pursuit, or business project may not attract others at first, even our spouse or partner.  
Most of the time our family members will be the greatest of cynics; placing their shielded, cautious belief system or opinion over our wildest of dreams.  
Timing is everything and the greatest of all successful pursuits all entailed one thing-the ability to press forward against all odds to achieve the dream.

No one else dreams the same dream-unless they’re clairvoyant or psychic.  If you do find someone who successfully predicts your future or your dream, let me know.  

Otherwise you must overcome the fear or doubt which would have prevented Steve Jobs from inventing the device you are presently blogging on or reading your favorite blogs on.  

-Mark Adam 2016

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