Dare 2 Dream Deeper

Dare to dream deeper.  Take the plunge into the deep blue, encompassing your entire mind, body, and well-being with a coolness and calm to get you through the obstacles to success in whatever you endeavor.  

You are allowed mistakes, it’s part of the learning process, and your life path research.  This may entail sightseeing, pit stops, and GPS recalculations.  However adhere to your own personal benchmarks for timely progress since the weather forecast may change at a moment’s notice. 

Just keep your eye on the gold and don’t settle for anything less than the best self you will be.  Keep your inner torch burning bright and compete with the highest of integrity and personal responsibility.  We need problem-solvers, driven tenacity in the face of adversity.  

Finally, put some skin in the game and your haters to shame.  Compete with Win-Win in mind in every relationship; personal and professional.  

-Mark Adam 2016

Congrats to the Global Olympians-Rio 2016 

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