A Simple White Uniform: The Dream Within

In a small province in Cebu, Philippines lived a young girl with a simple dream; one bigger than herself and more mature beyond her years.  She had one goal in her youthful and ever-growing mind.  Her dream was to become a servant for her community, for her people, and for her family.  She would not stop until she achieved her dream-to become the best nurse in her province, her country, and the world before her.  She was motivated by the white uniformed angels around her and would close her eyes and pray for the day she became an angel with mighty golden wings and the much cherished and earned white uniform.  

The only path towards her goal was to achieve her education; so she studied long and hard for that chance to spread her wings and fly.  Her parents were supportive but her family was of impoverished means.  She would have to earn her way down that road less traveled; soaked and muddy as she trekked head first into the storms ahead.  

She could hear her father’s voice, “I will always love you my child, pursue your dreams, and never give up.  God’s angels will carry you along the journey as you learn to soar and develop your own wings.  Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success in any endeavor.  Listen to that still small voice within and it will guide you along the way.  Only you hold the key to open that door with your name on it and no one else will have access to the treasure behind it than you.”

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