The city of blinding lights.  Claire loved downtown Atlanta but now was her time to spread her wings and fly.  Escape was a better word for it since she was running from her past life; more like running on ice.  She knew if she looked back she would turn into a pillar of salt and crumble into nothingness.  Her inner goddess was craving sexual release but her mind was speaking to her in strong, rebuking tones.  She could hear her mother scolding her sharply as if she was that young little girl caught red-handed kissing her middle school crush for the first time in the city park.  Claire was more mature for her age, handing the tallest boy in her social studies class a small hand-written note torn from an assignment during the boring lecture on the Boston Tea Party.  On the note she had written-How come you never wrote me back, I love you so much.  Meet me after school in the park by the big oak tree and the swing sets.  
She had these big framed glasses at the time; looking more like a librarian assistant with her long, free-flowing blonde hair extending past her shoulders and down to her lower back.  Her first crush was the tallest guy in her school, not a jock but a boy who you would see with his face in an open book, rather than on the courts.  Their first kiss was innocent enough and their embrace gingerly at first, as if they were mere close friends and nothing more.  
Deep down maybe she was longing for those purist of days before her innocence was taken away during one dare at a party on New Year’s Eve her last year before her initiation into high school.  

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