Liberty Love 

Liberty, your torch burns brighter than the Sun, 

For the whole world to see, how free we are indeed, 

From MLK, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Condoleezza Rice, and Colin Powell,  

To Barack Obama; our first ever African-American President,

We have crossed the racial and cultural divide, 

Showing proudly our gay pride and turning the White House, 

Into a Rainbow House under the courageous leadership of Kenyan pride,

As we light up the sky in sparkling arrays of silver, gold, red, white, blue, purple, and orange, 

Over fields of amber and green, may we embrace tightly the one we love,

Listen to freedom ring with every beat of the heart, 

And thank the women and men whom serve in uniform all across the globe, 

Every race, gender, and religious affiliation; gay, straight, bi, transgender, and gender neutral, 

Let the Liberty Bell ring as we celebrate and dance the night away, 

Making America great again; one hug, one kiss, one random act of love at a time, 

Fully engaged in the moment, fleeting as it were, but not forgotten, 

As we freely shout under a rainbow colored sky this Independence Day,

We are free at last, we are free from tyranny, 

Yes We Can be the torch for freedom wherever you may be, 

From the Golden Coast to the People’s House in D. C., 

God bless the Land of Liberty, 

This July Fourth of the year Two Thousand and Sixteen.  

-J. J. Adams

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