In the heat of the moment 

Time waits for no one.  Claire and Angelica both knew that, so they reached for the shooting star, grabbed hold of the reins as a bucking bronco, and rode the wild crazy night.  The future was uncertain at the moment but they owned this time together, their space.  Their friendship was special, transcending both time and space.  Their constellation was the brightest in the Universe, keeping Claire from falling apart at the seams and letting her bipolar personality overwhelm her inner goddess.  It was as though she was personally invited to be a guest on the View and received a standing ovation.  She wouldn’t settle for no consolation prize and she was damn sure she could earn the 24 carat gold diamond ring in the shape of a heart and place it onto Angelica’s perfectly manicured finger.  Her hand was such fine symmetry as hers; the perfect fit walking hand in hand down their own yellow brick road to attend Madame Oz’s exclusive after party show at the end of the rainbow.  Claire looked daringly dashing in her ruby high heels and matching French beret, needing nothing else to accentuate her fine curves.  

While Gigi and Berna ventured off into the darkness along the windy forestlined path, Claire and Angelica would waste no moment in their personal exploration, their journey to the garden of the forbidden fruit.  The secret rendezvous locale rich with sugar, spice, and cream in the chateau of love.  It was time to light the spark to set the roaring campfire ablaze as in girl scout camp.  The smell of S’mores would surely lure the other girls their way and certainly the musky scent traveling through the stillness of the tropical air.  

Shadowy figures danced about the treeline as the fire illuminated their tanned bodies just inches from the flames.  Angelica embraced her friend so tightly to her bosom as a mother to her child.  Claire found her to be a security blanket, her protective cover from the beast within.  Angelica was Claire’s drug of choice, her fix in the midst of her inner pain and dark secrets left untold.  At least for now she would fuel her addiction in Angelica’s forbidden fruit, savoring every last taste as though this were her last.  Claire was a connoisseur of fine wine and the most tantalizing taste money can buy.  Angelica was ten years her junior but age was a mere number in the scheme of lust, love, and all things desired.  

A J Adams 

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