The Silence 

The silence in our souls can be deafening, as if we are in an ornate gothic cathedral in the middle of a double bass concerto pounding the membrane of our eardrums to the likes of Johannes Matthias Sperger and Giovanni Bottesini.  Their presence in the midst of the darkness was as obscure as some dead composers but they had each other in their misery.  To Angelica and Claire the world could be bursting at the seams but they were alone together again, that’s all that mattered.  Claire desired for Angelica to play her violin as they rehearsed their crescendo leading to the climax of their duet.  The natural environment and the isolated cove provided the perfect backdrop and acoustics for their personal symphony.  Their two bodies became one with the celestial body; their climatic moment exploding as a shooting star across the canopy of the night.  

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