Life is so important in any form,

nothing brings more joy than the newborn,

Would a tree refuse to bear its’ buds,

Or the birds desert their eggs before their prime?

Animals, even the wild, carry their young full-term,

Caring for them with tender, loving concern.

All creatures (Great and Small) on the Earth shall give birth,

Even the lowly reptile diligently lays her eggs, facing treacherous (dangerous) foes,

Many species of spiders and insects die to propagate those.

The ocean bears life in endless array, what chances they take

To spawn their young, they can not wait.

But humankind, insists this may not be a convenient time, an ill conceived choice of fate,

even after new life has begun,

Seeks to destroy an unborn daughter or son.

They end the lives of their little troubles,

Quickly banishing them like fragile little bubbles,

It must surely tear at the heart of our Creator,

To see humans, His greatest creation, leave such a scar on our blessed nation,

We must stop this killing, this abomination, before it’s too late,

The unborn cry out for their Salvation.

-Joan K. Adam

In memory of our late mother who wrote this shortly before her death February 1998.  We buried her on Valentine’s Day near her childhood home in Hammond, IN.  We miss you dearly and will see you soon.





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