Chapter 3- A New Day 

Angelica’s dream for a better life was about to take flight.  One day a seed was planted deep within her very spirit by her Creator that she couldn’t let go.  She was all in or not at all.  This would be her mantra, sustaining her every move, her every thought, and her every action.  Everyday she would push through whatever challenges she faced.  She would endure whatever pain came her way; even those sharp daggers which would seem to tear her heart apart.  The world could be a lonely place in the land of heartbreak.

She was determined not to fall apart, at least not in public, and definitely not in front of her only son.  Her son, Jacob was her entire life now; the center of her universe.  He motivated her now more than ever, even in her darkest moments of pain and despair.  These isolated corridors of her mind were filled both with regret and missed opportunity.   The void within her soul would now be filled with renewed hope and anticipation for a new life beyond her present state of affairs.

That tiny seed of hope planted deep within her would soon start to take root in fertile soil, watered by the angel tears above…

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