I am in need of your healing touch, only you can show me the way,

I am in need of your warm embrace,

Is there such a thing as true love, or is it merely a dream,

an illusion brought about within the prism of my mind’s eye,

how long must I long for that one true love,

how long must my soul yearn for that everlasting embrace,

take me to your special place, take me to time eternal,

take me to your fountain of love, take me to the river of life,

shower me in a spring mist, bath me in a sea of rose petals,

illuminate me with your presence, serenade me with your moonlight sonata,

seal it with a kiss, my soul I give to you for one last dance, in your sweet presence I

yearn, draw me near closer to you, for when I am alone,

you are my all and all, you are the four seasons, you are my dream angel to guide me

through the night.

-M. J. Jerome  2016

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