My Lifeless Shadow Without You 

There once was a little girl from Cebu who dreamed of a better place.  A city of lights filled the night sky in her deepest sleep as see soared above the clouds and through the rainy days and nights to reach this magical place.  She was always eager for bed and didn’t have to be told twice.  Her dreams would take flight every starry night when the moon was full and bright.  The man on the moon always smiled His loving approval and would protect her journey through the morn by shielding her with a cloak of rainbow colours and protective light.  She would glide past mango groves and coconut trees as tall as the heavens to get to the sea.  In the far off distance the city of light provided an almost alien glow as if a star burst across the galaxy raining down its particles of light onto the ocean.  She would be covered in sparkles of love from the angels above and the man on the moon guiding her along on her path to find the ‘one thing’ on her mind and in her every dream keeping her awake at night and soaring in flight.  I desire to become one with the night.  Won’t you be mine.  This is her mantra, her song as a whisper, as a soul sonata composed across the sea as she approaches the shore of her destination.  The composer, her muse is not yet seen however her spirit knows his name…to be continued

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