Just Stay Calm and Be Yourself No Matter What #HigherHumanity

Don’t be anxious. Stay calm and just be…

Your awesome self. So you are a dreamer, that former wild child full of uncontrollable passionate rage and wasn’t afraid to do whatever the fuck your desires led you to. Somewhere along this journey in life someone close to you, someone you trusted, maybe even someone you slept with told you otherwise.

They may have told you to not pursue your dreams or passions because of their advice for you. Practical complacency or conditional conformity are two terms which come to mind. Society is full of people just willing to do the bare minimum to get ahead and more than eager to please whoever they must to get paid.

But you are and never wanted to be like everyone else have you? You always were quirky, whimsical, contemplatively spiritually-inclined to pursue the craziest of the unseen and yet to be.

It’s still inside you, that dream unlike any other and you may not have disclosed all your secrets to even your present lover, have you? That’s ok, in time the Secret will be revealed and you will dazzle everyone’s minds with that kick-ass bad-ass Higher Self inside of you just waiting to break free.

Now is your time to rock the hell out of heaven and to bless your angelic heart and soul for so much more.

~ Mark Adam 2020

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