The Night was made for Lust because it’s either Vegas or Bust…Life is a gamble, but Loving You shouldn’t be.

Because the night belongs to us. Because the night belongs to love.

Own your Life

Easier said than done I know. Much like that textbook knowledge you learned in high school or college which doesn’t quite apply in real life.

If you are like me you may be contemplating all your past choices; educational, relational, or down right personal (It ain’t none of your business) who I sleep with or mess up the bed with.

Get Naked

After the day as you lay your spent body down between the sheets you alone must be comfortable with your own naked self. And not that angel who lost more than her/his/their halo in getting with you.

You must be content in your own skin and who you wake up to in the morning. Because that reflection in the mirror is what you will receive back from the Universe.

In the end, it don’t matter how much you loathe the ruling elites, your corporate bosses, the global politicians, or your in-laws. If you don’t take action and do something about the crap which pisses you off or leaves that bad ‘morning breath’ in your mouth…then shut up, put something in it, or just get your ass showered, shaved, and ‘dressed to kill with kindness and not with hate.’

By the way I’m single and ready to mingle…any takers???

I just need someone who can fix me breakfast in bed and serve it up nice and hot. Don’t we all?

The world doesn’t stop moving forward and neither should you. The Universe rewards action and as with love it needs our intense attention.

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