Vibrating Vicariously Down that Long Desert Highway

You create the life your body, soul, and heart desires. What you think about you bring into existence in and through you until it becomes your new ‘State of Reality.’

You are the Best.

You may feel this is being too selfish and self-serving like your selfie collection which is currently taking up space in your iCloud storage. Maybe the Universe is telling you to clean up your clutter; all that religious, social, mental, physical, political, and other people pleasing junk which is keeping you away from your innermost passionate thoughts. How will you be a blessing to others if you’re just too damn stressed about your current climate? It’s time to change your thinking and priorities in life and not just your clothes or lack of fashion sense.

I’m not saying to stop being or doing good, volunteering in charitable causes, serving at your local faith center, and giving of your time and resources in bettering the community around you. I’m saying be grateful for what you do have inside of you and for that God-given opportunity to change the way you see yourself engaging and interacting in the world around you. You can only share in the love if you radiate the best within. This means you must vibrate at the same frequency as the desire you see yourself fulfilling in real time as you update your social media status.

So someone did you wrong and now you want to drown yourself in pity tears. Then buy yourself a celebration cake and shove your face into it or have your partner do it for you. Your life may be a mess but you can choose not to be. Allowing that certain event, experience, person, or choice (unexpected or unplanned) to get the better of you and own you is still within your decision to act on it or to choose your own best way.

Your only question should be is, Who is steering the wheel as you navigate down that long congested (sometimes deserted) highway?

How you visualize yourself in the rear view mirror as you’re driving down the road is where you will end up. You need to stay focused on the path directly in front of you as you make those new choices.

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