For the Love of God…Bless your Best Assets to Come

Who are you really in your dreams? Whose name do you scream as you lick all the icing off your birthday cake?

If it don’t hurt like hell then maybe, just maybe you’re not doing it right.

FUCK YES!!! Life isn’t about getting everything you wished for as you rubbed your genie (that guy or girl you picked up at the club last night) just the right way. So you both got high and finished off that bottle of JD, lit some Passion Cove incense as you both vaped the night away.

We tend to seek an immediate fix to the pain, however that momentary fluctuation in our mood swing serves as a reminder that we are all only human. Pain can either be a setback if we allow it or a learning curve as any graduate student would know. Anyone who has ever written a thesis or pursued a dissertation would know exactly the difference between good pain and just plain everyday stress.

Good thing we have the ability to reward good behavior while limiting our bad experiences by rational thinking and emotional connections with the ones we love.

I will further speak on the importance of communication and how visualization can affirm our passion purpose in every arena of our life.

Learn to give and to share in love with others. Because you are way more beautiful when you embrace the world away with your passion angel by your side.

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