I’m your Saint while on my knees, but a Kick-Ass Sinner on the Altar of our Love

Blessed are the kick-ass sinners. Because while you’re on your knees you know my love will take you there.

Heaven sent by the Kiss of Death

Your angelic body I worship you tonight. Stripped down as you bare your soul, your panties wrapped around your feet, your bra tossed upon the cross above your bed.

You are both the saint to be worshipped, adorned in rosary beads around your neck and a crucifix between your glistening breasts.

Your inner goddess glowing in the votive light as you spread your love for us both tonight.

Liquid heaven dripping from your soul as you gush all over my weary face showering me in your misty grace.

Where love is found there you will discover the wellspring to your soul and your angelic lust for so much more.

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