The Naked Desert – Finding your Oasis to Bathe you in Desire

God is divinely passionate about your hopes, desires, and dreams. Even in the desert an oasis will be created out of the arid soil to quench your thirst for more.

No temptation is greater than our inner revelation to not settle for less than our very best.

The Universe wasn’t formed out of cosmic dust just so you can ‘space out’ during petty little trials and the unexpected chaos of societal rage.

As it is spoken in the softest of tones from deep within your soul…

Concern yourself not with the things you cannot change for it is all a vapor to fade away into the night. Inhale all that was made for good; seed bearing plants and the exchange of mutual aromas pleasing to both the intellectual mind and the untamed body. Clothe yourself in the embrace of your soul angel as you become One in the Light which the world so needs your passionate desire to ignite.

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