Shape-shift your Shit

I used to blame myself for my past and my bad-ass fucked up decisions. Not because those choices set myself back from progressing towards my dreams. But the fact I took others along for the ride and they rode shotgun as we drove over the cliff.

Our Universal Buffet

But that’s life after all. A sum of all our choices (and maybe who ever we share our personal space with along for the ride). A buffet of sorts full of decadent desserts and messy marinara sauce all over our assorted “pasta opportunity” moments.

The learning curve of this great cataclysmic and climatic roller coaster of mood swings and bad latte days.

No one is immune from the highs and lows of living a passionate life. Be mindful of your internal GPS system and keep a backup itinerary in your secret stash compartment, just in case of an unexpected change of scenery.

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