Stripping it all off to show who’s boss – Totally Lit

Not everyone will like everything you do. (But give them something to relate, respect, and remember you by.) But stay true to your vision and you’ll gain new followers to replace ones who part ways with your journey (to love and shine out loud). Sasha Grey the Mismade Girl-amended texts by Mark Adam 2018

Lit by your own illuminated soul

You tend to follow those you seek to emulate or mold your elastic bodies after. Expectations for something more fulfilling than this life has to offer is what either propels us to push ourselves higher or send us plummeting down a cliff to the ocean below. You either keep trying till you get your body and mind off to experience the thrill of your passion purpose or you continue to live vicariously through the life others play out before you on their timelines or selfie montage of pleasure seeker events.

Follow your heart and never allow anyone including yourself to take from you the life of your dreams which God has destined for you since the day of your birth. So stay true to your inner vision and embrace your outer passions with the ones you love and those who supported you along your journey.

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