Sometimes you’ve got to strip down faith and tease up destiny in order to find heaven on her knees kissing you from your feet to your parting lips…

Oh God…

I know I’m not perfect. Far from it and oh my god yes I’ve fucked up too many times to even remember…let alone count or confess to my own drunken recollections.

I may not recall the errors of my wayward youth or late night decisions which have brought me broke, dazed, and confused down this road less traveled.

But I sure don’t want to turn back time or fuck somebody else’s destiny while they scream and moan out a love song in my ear.

Some beds are best not slept in and some rooms in those seedy motels off Interstate 40 damn sure you keep secret till the day you fucking soar into the sunset.

No matter what there is a life lesson in everything you do; in good deeds gone bad or angelic halos left by the side of the bed, next to those cotton laced panties and bras.

Oh God…Give me the serenity to love my imperfect body, the courage to face my worse fears and embrace my most passionate intimate side, and the wisdom to not care a fuck about the opinions of my haters or ex-lovers. Amen.

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