Breaking the Change out your Clothes – Throwing everything out the fucking door

Allowing yourself permission to live your own life is not always easy…But waking up naked next to a stranger in your bed is a fucking riot.

If you had it so fucking easy then spreading your legs like a cream pie dessert would seem unsatisfying and overindulging. You need to earn that god damn reward, even if you are on your knees honoring your American fucking idol and lighting their California fucking fire.

In fact most times; be it career, faith, family, gender discovery, university, relationships, sexual exploration, or just fucking (others or yourself) in general…all this shit you deal with everyday can be as abrasive as dry humping a fucking cactus or that corpse of a passionless body ice cold by your side whom you spent eternity with already. Especially if you place your body, mind, and soul out there for all to see or use for their own advantage or exploitation. You are worth more than someone’s one night stand or sperm deposit.

The main thing is to do what you believe, no matter how crazy or insane it may appear to others.

So let the haters talk shit behind your back. Go ahead and keep giving their lazy jealous asses something (or someone) better than them to gossip about.

Sooner or later they will be emulating you and following your lead.

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