In the name of all things sacred and profane – Love is Dead but so is your Head

Love is patient, love is kind. But so is sex and all that’s divine yet profane…

Fuck that holier than the Pope bullshit. I’m impatient as hell and don’t take too kindly to getting pissed on by these money hungry whores. Anyone’s whose ever walked the streets of the Red Light District after midnight know what I mean. Aww the joys of study abroad. If only my parents knew where their hard earned money went.

My mother warned me about girls like that. She said don’t lose your head while getting head. Well not in those terms because she was too Christian for that but you get my point.

So fuck love. This isn’t Alice in fucking Wonderland and I sure as hell ain’t fucking Dorothy without her doing a strip tease out of that cute little dress she’s wearing. If the tornado don’t blow the house away she’ll do it all by herself while on her knees. Praying to god that he comes very soon. The end is near. At least that’s what her boyfriend said last night just before his own impending rapture.

Now get your beautiful ass to sleep. I’ll wake you up with some breakfast in bed with extra whip cream on those waffles on the morning.

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