The Beauty through Diversity Project – Initiative 1: Our Body Our Choice Our Voice

Beauty through Diversity

People can dress you the way they want, they can do your makeup the way they want, but they can never take away your voice.

– Sasha Grey

Maybe the issue with judgmental people is they see a very limited worldview; confined to perceptions outdated and profanely irrelevant to our highly-evolving intellect. Isn’t it a shame within our faith institutions, executive leadership and branches of government, we still find our voices being silenced and our bodies pissed upon by Elite Men of Greed and Impotent Self-Arrogance. We must challenge the furious dragon who only leads by our own fear and insecurity.

The type of mentality which enslaves the masses to embrace groupthink irrational thought. To reject the wealth and abundance our global citizens offer to bring to the negotiating table from across what should be a transparent and openly non-existent border.

In the Eyes of a Goddess – All-Seeing Grace

Our beautiful eyes are the bay view windows to our inner passion angels. As we reflect the light and deflect the dark; we share in the Universal love to those hurting and in need of something greater than the unseen, higher than our best unmet expectations.

An all-seeing grace should emanate from the pyramid of our soul. The prism of which projects vibrancy and all-inclusive equality and justice for everyone. Not just the Ultra-Conservative Entitled Right. Sometimes a sacrifice of innocence must be made to achieve greater than just ourselves; for the collective good of the New Universal Order.

We live in a world of darkness and executive rage. Hate will only seek to divide us along racial, political, religious, and cultural lines.

Therefore let us embrace one another in global unity and angelic grace. We are indeed better together and more passionate as One.

Fornicating Rage

The faith to move mountains and to part the seas lies within us. The power to speak as one voice in Words of Compassion to silence the Rhetoric of Hate…to eradicate intolerance and injustice is a choice only you and I can make.

Our bodies were divinely created to express beauty and to embrace passion. Hence the Beauty through Diversity Project aims to empower and transpire to action each and every global rainbow citizen; gender-neutral, non-binary, and all inclusive.

We are all One. We are all the Same.


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