Changing your Clothes towards a better life – Getting naked to your new reality

Life just…

You fill in the blanks. Go ahead use as many expletives or creative language your passionate big heart desires. As I say, Only when you experience the rage within can you release it into the wind.

It’s ok to get mad. Get fucking angry if you choose to. But my god get over yourself and get on top of whatever it is holding you back from your true destiny.

Sure life is fucked up ten ways to Sunday and you will have to deal with shit from your work, relationships, family, friends, and need I say life partner.

Change will happen, even if your ass ain’t there to be pampered and worshiped upon. So you might as well adapt to the dynamics of life-transformational change and have fun with it.

As my one co-worker used to say, Learn to Adapt. It’s like you’ve got to mix it up a bit to keep your adrenaline pumping. So try something different and exciting.

Life’s a flippant mess but your clothes don’t have to be.

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