Dancing in Desire – Chapter 1: Dream Naked

Chapter One

Dream Naked

Dare to Dance in the Dark so you can Embrace your Dream in the Light…

The truth will only set you free if you choose to believe in the what’s to come in expectation soon rather than what has come to past.

You must learn to let go of certain things; maybe even people who are holding you back from your dreams. You’ve got to allow the Universe to work her magic and see what happens when you take action in faith and love.

What have you got to lose…except a lifetime of regret or heartbreak for not trying your hardest to push through the noise.

How many times will you blame your dysfunctional family, this fucked up society, self-serving politics, the ongoing trade war, your overpriced education, your lackluster health, or even your faith in a higher calling for the choices you alone made. You either work your ass off in the hustle or you twerk your junk for a free Uber ride. Again you choose who to fuck over or under in your Summer of Change.

“Just say to your shadow, get behind me, and the Sun will release you to dance in the Light.”

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

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