Your Relationship of Change – Finding Your True F*ck in this Trumped Up Age of Chaotic Insanity

Fuck Fear Fast and Furiously With Fire and Fury

Free your mind to the Universal alternative outside your own sphere of consciousness. You must give yourself permission to do good unto yourself first and stop looking to others for their approval.

We tend to waste far too much time seeking accolades from others whom got to get their own shit together. We all know people like this. Perhaps good-hearted church people, family members, ex-lovers (yeah right), or co-workers (Go Team). Together Everybody Achieves More…But deep down inside we all know you’ve got to put out in order to get a piece of that opportunity to share in that most decadent eco-pie. Just don’t devour the whole shit in one bite. Diversify your portfolio of passion, but don’t let it handcuff your destiny.

Dominatrix or Submissive

Double-fisting the fear in your life and not letting it fuck the hell out of your dreams is easier said than done. But before you press your big red panic button or scream obscenities at the top of your lungs to your feline or floppy-eared friend…You’ve got to remember who you are truly serving and not merely domineering.

The moment you realize fear is the only thing holding you back from your dreams…this will be the epiphany you were awakened for. So submit to your bad-ass bitch; even if she comes on you hard with a whip and a cane, offering to beat the shit out of you.

Right now you may be listening to those voices from your past, but you’ve got to silence those screams lest they haunt you down through your forest of passionate desires. Your best life is in front of you; your magical bed of dreams awaits you with open arms and a gorgeous-ass body that just won’t quit.

But it’s up to YOU and YOU alone to work it, even if you be broke and tired…because nothing in this goddess damned life is easy, nor should be. It’s like sex…y’all be bored if all you got was vanilla every fucking day. You’ve got to mix it up with some nuts, minty chocolate, and fresh (or shared) cherry pie.

Breaking a sweat is better than fucking solo any day and the cream is sure worth the scream everyday.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Fuck fear and just let her go.”

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