Your Summer of Change – Reflect Respect

What would you like to order from the Universe?

Why not do something you want to do, rather than doing something you must do. Now this might seem to be a trick question deserving of a treat for good behavior.

You might be content with doing what others expect or want from you to achieve their own goals and successes. Then go right ahead, kiss their ass and have your birthday cake and eat it to. Be the best little submissive you can be. You might just get that Employee of the Month spot at the envy of all the other Jackasses you work with. Don’t fret cause your payoff will be worth the due diligence.

Just remember, those stuffed shirts (seated at the top of the ‘pyramid scheme’) hate competition from within. So be a silent player and fly under the radar. Keep your eyes wide open and your ears finely tuned to the climate change and strategic atmosphere around you. Work hard but think smarter. In the end we all want to play longer and be on the winning team. Because life can truly be a beach, but first you’ve got to challenge the bitch. Just put a drink in your other hand and face it.

Inspired Initiation Reflects Respect

The world doesn’t stand still, nor does time. So if you don’t initiate your own fate and take action, then someone else will. God didn’t create us so we can waste life away doing meaningless crap or stepping in the messes of others as we struggle to please those who don’t give a shit about us.

Own up to your own hustle and take back what is rightfully yours from the dream killers. For they only murder our inner passions with rhetoric of hate. Seeking to divide and control our creative diversity.

No walls or boundaries will limit our freedom of choice to do what we desire with our own bodies as we embrace the divine wisdom within our better angelic beings.

You only have one question to ask yourself, What would my future self want me to do today to change my destiny?

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“Ignite Your Inner Creative Passion”

Photo: Austin, Texas

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