Your Summer of Change – Climatic Conditioning

Decision maker or Climate changer…

Your winning hand is based both upon skill and a bit of luck. You may not pick all the cards, however you learn to play through experience and knowledge on what you are dealt. So place your bets on your own deck (full or not)…not someone else’s.

Winning sure isn’t everything, but then again…who loves to lose.

– MJ Adam 2018

You are in control…

The power to choose is within your divine control. You alone must be content with yourself first and foremost before you can effectively change the world around you.

So what are you so damn pissed about? The fact society is divided or the political arena is as fucked up as ever. You cannot change that on your own. But you can control the climate and make peace with the past.

There are only so many seasons in a lifetime, so many hours in a day. But it only takes one minute to initiate that change.

Why are you still sitting on your ass?

The Universe requires action on your part. But if you don’t let go of your complacency in the practicality of your present…How the fuck are you going to manifest the destiny that was always there for you. Ready to embrace your heart, mind, and soul with open arms.

Isn’t it worth the struggle to kiss the wind without having it blow you away from the sunset in your horizon?

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“Ignite Your Creative Inner Passion”

Photo credit: City of Austin, Texas

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