The Summer of You – Zero Gravity Living

They say searching for love is like searching for yourself. When you find yourself you find love because they’re the same. – excerpt from Galantis ‘Runaway’ 2015

When was the last time you actually felt in the moment, experienced an ecstasy never before like you were soaring through zero gravity, in some sort of hallucinogenic dream.

Your love life may seem more like a 911 call for help as you asphyxiate from that sadistic beautiful type of pain they call relation-shit, but the sex is just too mind-blowing good to flush down that golden throne. At least not yet.

You may need an escape away from a virtual reality into a trancelike Dream-OMG-City. That feeling you are so high you ain’t never coming down till you taste all heaven has to offer.

That Secret Garden of the Forbidden Fruit…the Taste of Sweet Sweet Mango-Scented Loving which keeps you both coming because that’s all you’re ever gonna need. Survival in this chaotic age is the new unrefined religious Darwinism. Love in the Time of Cholera where Trumpism is all the profanity-laden rage. Can you see the mushroom clouds glowing a fiery orange off in the horizon…

Because love really shouldn’t be so goddess-damned complicated. Just start simply with a sloppy wet kiss as you casually walk down the Strip caressed by the neon signs of cosmopolitan lust. We are all global citizens searching for ourselves in the embrace of one another. That opportunity to redefine love in all its wicked and sacred perverse pleasure as we negotiate world peace in a stranger’s unmade bed. Enigma is the all-seeing eye of the one who penetrates your very soul as you desire nothing more than to decipher the Code of Everlasting Love.

It’s time to truly say I do to freely forgiving your past and giving a fuck again about your passion angel in your bed.

Spread your wings and fly away into the night out of your god-forsaken state of mind. Into that blissful naked surrender.

©2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

Respect your inner goddess…Set her free.”

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