That Sassy Assy Angel Stealing Your Blanket Wants You To…Get Over It So You Can Get On Top Of The One Who Loves You 

Just flush your shit and get off the pot…(and I don’t mean the cannabis you stoner fucks!) 

Look right now into your bathroom mirror and shout out loud, “I own this beautiful naked body, as perfect as the day I was born to rock and roll all night.  Everything that tries to fuck with what’s mine will have to answer to that kick-ass goddess within; in whom I trust my entire mind, body, and decadent desires to.  I’m too damn blessed to be stressed by the ugliness of others.  I choose to be free and to be me.”  

Choose this very moment to leave your shituations in the past.  

Those fuckumstances are keeping us from forgiving ourselves and the ones we desire to love even more than ourselves.  

Why waste another second trying to please someone who most likely just can’t get no satisfaction on their own.  It’s extremely frustrating negotiating with those competing voices inside your head.  What’s worse is ignoring the warning signs before it’s too late.  Hiding that bipolar beast in your closet or under your bed will eventually be discovered, no matter how organized our ‘private and public cubes’ are arranged.  

It doesn’t matter how much you brainstorm and strategically plan your attack (whether to fight, hide, or run like unholy hell)…you have to make friends with those nagging shadows from your past (choices within your control or otherwise). 

You may have conjured up these demons based on some situational shit at the time; unaware of the long-term mindfuck of it all.  But life is full of bad hangovers, hang ups, and monumental screwups.  Time to own up, take responsibility, then take control of your life once again.  Fuck your past mistakes. You cannot change that…only your dirty underwear and bedsheets.  If you chose whom to take home and sex then you can’t complain about that unmade bed or that ‘emotional oops’ between your thighs.  

As Jake Ducey states in his book, The Purpose Principles, you’ve just gotta “forgive yourself and let it go…(and by doing that) you release the burden.”  Only then will you free your past and help others you’ve encountered along this exciting journey to do the same.  God created you for such a time as this, not to waste your talents and passions on the jealousy of haters. 

Turn you Room of Shame into an Open Space of Unlimited Potentiality…

Our Hall of Shame is full of these should haves and should have nots which we can’t (in the present) change.  The one thing we can change is our outfit as we gather up all our loose change (unless that angelic being stole it all for bus fare) and plan a new direction for ourselves and those closest to us.  Time to stop wishing upon a bed of that ‘Stranger Things’ lover with a thong wrapped around both your asses like that engagement ring on your middle finger.  Okay so maybe that’s not where you wear the damn piece but it fits tightly like your lips so I’m gonna blow on that.  A great conversation over a cup of Starbucks works best (just ditch that Apple laptop) because you don’t need to take notes or listen to your Spotify account.  Be in the freakin’ moment and look to that kick-ass passion angel across from you as you both gaze at the beautiful sunset and update your FB Relationship Status: Complicated But Feeling Optimistic and Hopeful (but still open for business).    

You cannot revive the dead or fuck that corpse in your mortuary of broken dreams.  But you can conquer that inner battle with newfound love as you rediscover life with the one you’re with (or soon to be embracing).  Living out each and every moment fast and furiously.  

So why are you still reading this.  Get the fuck off your device and start doing what you have always desired to accomplish or who you wanted to ‘get it on with’ and as Jim Carrey once said, “Just say yes to life my friend” (before you shake hands with the Grim Reaper).  Whom I might add you should fear unless you also are playing the Blue Oyster Cult song on repeat with a bottle of pills by your bed.  Now there you have it…I just dated myself.  Ozzy is also the god of rock so fuck the age thing.  It’s only a number anyways so change your own birthdate or hang with someone much younger than you.  Screw what your pretentious inner circle would say.  You’re only as old as you think.  I’ll speed in my Honda with that golden nugget of fast-food advice and a Starbucks latte in my lap. 

As Paul Walker once said, “There’s more to life than movies.”  He lived passionately and didn’t hold back from what he craved.  So it is with us. What or who makes your heart beat fast and your body furious with passion and desire? 

© 2018 Passion Angel Media. All Rights Reserved.

“Embrace your Passion Once Again as you Forgive your Past”

Video credit: Silver Linings Playbook YouTube 

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