Electing Your Own Destiny – The 11th Circle of Chaos 

The 11th Circle of Chaos…The Covenant of One plus One 

Can he or she do or say that?  What is within my own power or collective circle of consciousness to do or say in response?  

I’ve been writing about contemporary ways to inspire and motivate others for the past two years.  I’ve found that in our moments of uncertainty is when we not only find ourself but new opportunities to transform and empower the passions which drive us to excel.

The dynamics of both positive and negative change will always be upon us.  However with great adversity comes the God-given opportunity to effect and embrace our spotlight moment on the world stage; even from our own diverse community here at home. 

No one leader (elected, appointed, or otherwise) can or should dictate what we choose to do with our own body and mind, how we are to think or act, who and how we desire to worship, and finally what gender we decide to have relations or marriage with.  Our freedom of choice (no gender exclusions) should always be secured and every single ‘global citizen’ should matter, even if they immigrated from another country.  

The only walls we maintain are by our own choosing…Just look no further than our gated communities and secluded mansions.  

The Age of Trumpisms and Tweetisms should not prevent us from achieving the standards we set for ourselves or our life partner.  If you are unhappy with what you see around you…create your own -isms with the ones you love as the opportunity affords itself.  

I’m not saying personal politics, religion, cultural heritage, gender preferences, or world-views don’t matter.  It’s just that we tend to get our kicks on nailing someone’s ass to the cross for their personal beliefs and differences of opinions.  We can agree to disagree and reasonably debate, but groupthink zombism in an intellectual education-focused society only stifles creativity and problem-solving.  

In my next series I will attempt to make sense for myself and others this dichotomy before us between faith in our future and chaos in our present State of Being.  

The State of our Union may appear fucked-up in the present but if we just visualize into the near future before us; we will define our circle of influence by our terms.  

Expecting greater and realizing that life should not stay in replay, nor should our emotions rise or fall along with the stock market.  Our mission on earth is to build better relations together with both family, friends, strangers, and our traveling angels along the way.  

These communal bonds all depends upon our inner faithgasm and passiongasm leading us towards our personal successgasms.  Now that’s a lot of gasms to consider on our journey together along that highway to paradise.  

I look forward to your input, feedback, and support.  As always “seek with your heart first, then love is sure to follow you into her welcome embrace.”

©M J Adam 2018.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite Your Passion” 

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