Your Inner Goddess Desires To Save You…from losing control (resurrecting love in our hopeless place)

Have you ever needed someone so badly you just couldn’t sleep in the bed you made alone? 

Maybe you had one too many shots of liquid gratitude as you longed for something greater than that bed you unmade for yourself.  You are tired of sleeping in those empty sheets alone.  It’s human nature to desire a decadent dream or wicked fantasy as in a romantic scene or broadway performance.  

Maybe you grew up singing along to Eddie Money and your new interest is in a Rihanna or Selena wannabe.  Your past mistakes were fun while they lasted however now that you are older you desire something more than a ‘glamorous one night stand’ to revive that dead love life within your soul.  

You may have taken every date home to your messy pad; some grass and whiskey to get you both through the night.  You had shit but the clothes on your back…praying for that fallen angel to land on your lap and give you a dance as you made it rain in dollar bills. 

If you’re still stuck on those memories or on finding love in a lifeless hopeless place…maybe it’s time to let her go and get on your knees praying for some angel to save you from the fires of hell and torment in the sheets alone. 

Waiting on your knees for your selfie duet moment…

Someone captures your imagination as in that perfect selfie duet Snapchat moment.  That Godsend passion fire you will do anything to have or to be consumed by their undivided affection. 

The chaotic forces of our selfcentered competitive nature can overtake us like a flood and push us under.  But true destiny defeats the storms of hate in a world full of uncertainty without divine intervention and saving grace. 

That ‘decadent grace’ igniting your sheets on fire…

You are perfectly fine to fight with all your might for the one your heart desires.  You can lose all control…just don’t lose your soul in the process when you need to embrace love the most as you experience all your destiny angel has to offer you.

In your ‘decadent dreams’ because that’s where desire comes from…

It don’t matter where you came from, your present status, faith, politics, persuasion, or gender preference; only that you receive the free gift of love.  God and the great cosmic universe has placed you in this time and season for a reason beyond our own awareness.  You don’t need to understand quantum physics or vibrational relationships.  You are connected by that unseen force which serves as a magnet attracting us to our soul-angel. 

Be open to greater opportunities outside your physical sphere of influence as love surpasses all logical understanding.  

©2018 Passion Angel Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite Your Passion”

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