Your Sassy Assy Inner Goddess Desires You To…Embrace Your Fornicational Folly

Quick postie note: Sharing what I consider one of the most relevant and passionate dialogues ever in a contemporary movie.  God bless and stay true to you. 

‘Fuckumstancial’ Experience Required 

Isn’t life meant to be enticing, exciting, enchanting, and emotional; all at the same time?  We tend to forget this journey we all are on can be full of fornicational folly and gregarious gratitude.  

Embrace our wildest expectations or challenging ‘fuckumstances’ with a bear hug and sloppy wet kiss.  Make peace with the vampires of your sordid past.  Take solace in the fact you can have it worse than our fellow global citizens in far off places. 

You might have had a falling out with a long time friend, an insatiable passionate lover, or a close relative or sibling whom now seems distant.  These life experiences can either entrap our future relationships with others or empower us to forgive ourselves then others.  Only with this Universal grace and compassion can we truly live stronger.  Better together with the ones we love and the distant strangers we may yet have relationship with. 

Today is another beginning to realign your next step.  To change your perspective and reason for living.  Exposing your nakedness is not easy, but life-centered transparency towards inner transformation will change your life and those you touch with your passion to love as you bless others with your awe-inspiring presence. 

©2018 Mark Adam Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Ignite Your Passion” 

Video credit: Silver Linings Playbook.  The Weinstein Company (2012)

J. Law is always and forever the best Passion Angel on the Red Carpet.  

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