Your Sassy Assy Inner Goddess Epiphany Awakening – Sensual Salvation (Soul Angel Sutra – the SAS Series) 

Intel-Sensual Embrace 

Stop thinking solely with that sweet spot between your legs and start using that goddess potential in your intellectual capacity for greater “Kama Sutra Positioning for Passiongasmic Success.” 

Don’t allow a free-rider to rob you of your most decadent desires; that treasure in your chest beating at your breast to be set free.  In pursuit of something higher than your high heel shoes.  

Think outside your empty sheets of broken promises and lies.  This is your epiphany moment to embrace that passion angel within and release the pain which held you back from your redemptive destiny. 

©2018 DIVE Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Set Your Inner Goddess Free” 

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