Your Sassy Assy Inner Goddess Desires You To Know…If It Feels Right, Just Give Yourself Permission To (Be Passionate With Grace)

Rainbow Passion Angel Diaries – Page 1 

A weekly series of short, quirky, quickie post-it to your ass notes to remind that life is not easy, but it sure the fuck can be as whimsical and breezy as you choose to make it.  

If the moment feels right…

You may tend to look in the mirror and see an imperfect you; blemishes, pimples, messed up mascara, and split ends. 

Maybe you didn’t get the best sleep last night or the intimate encounter you envisioned with that fallen angel you’ve still got in your bed.  Maybe you are in a stranger’s living space just for a night or two.  Your lack of judgment coming about from one too many shots of Tequila or bong hits.  You only have yourself to answer that question for, so don’t ask that other person who doesn’t even know what they want in life.  Why be obsessed with instant gratification when you can have it all if you just learn some patience and persistence?  Why settle for sloppy seconds or someone else’s charity?  You will never find your true self-love inside another…only asphyxiation before death of destiny itself.  

Whatever you do don’t fuck up your dream fulfilling someone else’s.  “Life’s a flippin’ mess most the time, it’s ‘chaos personified’ and blessed all at the same time.” 

You may have not played it safe and made one too many bad choices which led you to this epiphany of self-reflection and conflicted contemplation.  

You can be your own greatest teacher or guru; gleaning worldly wisdom from other’s real life experiences.  Just imagine your ‘zero gravity dream space’ can be your soul-transforming place where passion rules your fame and ignites your flame.

So who or what are you waiting for? Your life is fleeting and so is your game.  Give yourself permission to do what feels perfect for yourself today? 

©2018 Passion Island Cove Productions in partnership with DIVE Publishing and Passion Angel Media.  All Rights Reserved. 

Photo credit: Rainbow Passion Angel 

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