2/14 – Hear the Art of the Heart…True Love is Unspoken 

Elegance and Grace – Better is Together if not Forever 

True love isn’t only about the gifts you lavish upon others as you surrender your hearts, and bodies to.  Since those things can be returned, pawned, or discarded once the river runs dry. 

The words you speak and the unspoken action you share with each another will live on in your heart forever.  It’s that voice you hear in the middle of the night, that good vibration you feel as passion rules the game, and the way you look tonight as perfect as the day you first met that soul angel of your dreams.  

So take every opportunity to say I love you or Mahal Kita to the one you are with because that moment may pass before your very eyes when you least expect it. 

Heart 2 Heart 

Valentines Day is upon us.  I used to work in a florist just before I attended college in the early 90s.  The smell of fresh cut flowers, the beautiful bouquets of roses, and singing Birds of Paradise. I was the delivery driver with the opportunity to surprise any lady (can’t remember any guys) on these very special occasions, even out of the shower which always was a memorable experience.  

Around 88 million flowers will be delivered this year according to UPS.  2 billion dollars will be spent lavishly on arrangements sure to win over anyone who receives such floral flair the National Retail Federation estimates.   

Last year close to 18 billion dollars was spent on Valentines gifts.  That’s around 137 dollars per person.  We can get overwhelmed with the numbers, max out our credit cards, and take out a second mortgage just to seal the deal and kiss our soulmate over a candlelit dinner for two.  

You may even choose to marry the one you are with as Elvis serenades you with Burning Love, Love Me Tender, Pledging My Love, or I Need Your Love Tonight. 

If you ask me an Elvis impersonator officiating over my wedding sounds like the perfect Unchained Melody to cherish such a night.  After all it’s Viva Las Vegas in the honeymoon suite with a view overlooking the neon Strip then ‘Viva Lost Wages’ the next morning.  

So whether you’re all alone, still searching for the One, in a long-distance cyber-affair, or are with that dream angel stealing your blanket during the night…just grab yourself a box of assorted chocolates, fix some hot cocoa, and go smell the long stem roses you may have bought for yourself, your kitty, or your significant lover. 

Because Valentines Day is a sweet opportunity to share the love and a (Hershey) Kiss or two.

©2018 Mark Adam.  All Rights Reserved. 

In remembrance and honor of our late mother and giver of love, light, and life.  JKR you are and always will be my inspiration to write and to embrace the dream you instilled in me.  20 years ago we laid your earthly body to Rest In Peace on Valentines Day.  As that show we would watch together, Touched by an Angel, you are now guiding others into the Light.  I will love you forever and forever we will meet again. 

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