Kama Sutra Positioning for Success – The 1st Posture (Taming the Dragon) 

Death to our own self-centered desires is scary, but so are those dragons that taunt us with their flaming breath of intimidation aimed right at our very weaknesses.  But it’s only when we challenge ourselves to do better together with the one we are with that we can tame the dragon…

They sense our fear and wait until we encounter our next miscalculation.  We must all face our worst nightmares before we experience tranquil tropical bliss.  The greatest fear we all face is living a life till the very end in regret as we replay all the episodes of failed opportunity, chance cards unplayed, true love found then lost, fortunes squandered, unreleased pain, and unshared pleasure.  Basically we all are just one fuck away from either disaster or our dream win; from hell or paradise of our own choosing or creation.  

We will always be wondering…what if we, why didn’t we, should we have done that instead of the other.  But life is a series of glorious climaxes and monumental let downs, intense pain and mind-blowing pleasure, as well as unspent forgiveness and grace under fire.  We can save the confessions for the conclusion of our life’s mission, so be comfortable with who you are in your full-blown physical, intellectual, mental, sexual, and spiritual nakedness.  Learn to tame the dragon into submission on your own terms.  

Nothing is truly private…If you desire true intimacy then full disclosure and transparency is both a necessary evil and blessing…

Quite simply we all stash our most intimate private ‘selfies’ and ‘selfish’ moments in a safe deposit box.  We only showcase our best, even among our close circle of friends while hiding our worst vintage outfits in that over cluttered walk-in closet.  Our sheets soiled with secrets from dragons past.  The lair we call home sweet home. 

Living Vicariously Carelessly in the Company of Strangers…

We may not be in our dream position; wishing we were jet setting instead of place setting as we live vicariously through our favorite movies and Hulu shows.  As if life owes us a Grammy or an Oscar simply for showing up.  It’s as though a secret code can be discerned through the prophetic song lyrics of Pink Floyd…Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage.  (As a side note, Wish You Were Here was our class song in 2014 as I received my MPP in Virginia. I never realized the profound meaning behind this hidden message until that moment upon culmination at Liberty.)

In light of recent events; the school shooting in Florida by an ISIS sympathizer, the political distractions in Washington, and the Haiti cash grab with the Clinton Foundation as ‘cover ops’ for global sex trafficking of children and drug laundering to fund their Deep State agenda.  There is a long laundry list of dirty deeds from the top down outside our control and sphere of influence.  

A Battle Rages Within…

There’s a War being fought for our minds, bodies, and eternal souls.  And not just with weapons of mass destruction, military-grade assault ‘jack-off’ rifles, hand to fist boots on the ground on foreign soil, or enemy collusion with cell factions under foreign command right here on our own domestic front.  It’s too late to build a god damn wall when our streets overflow like a river turned to blood from the murder of innocence on the bequest of a society gone mad as duly-elected criminals control and legislate the laws of our once great land. 

This War is being fought to covertly take down our current Administration through any means necessary.  And if words don’t sustain irreparable executive damage then the secretive CIA poison dart gun will. 

So don’t huddle in your safe fields of scrimmage or even hide in plain sight, but fight for what you know in your heart and mind what is right.  We star in our own bipolar reality live feed talk show living in a pimped-out cage getting our sex on with the next best thing then we will only receive what we give out in return.  We get drenched in a Golden Shower of our own choosing stepping in our own defecation as if we are comfortable living a pot-induced zombie-state existence.  As a Joy Behar puppet in need of a ratings fisting and gaping to stay relevant; we do whatever the hell feels good no matter the cost or harm to the other person.  

Turning our Shitholes into Gloryholes…

Just as a dog returns to its vomit so we as ‘submissive whores’ will reap what we sow while on our knees in homage to.  So we strip off all our clothes to the next highest bidder as we sell our personal liberty, self-worth, and intellectual pursuits in favor of the ‘group orgy mentality’…the true opiate of the masses is not faith in the unseen, but allegiance to global mass destruction of free-thinking and free speech.  Like a high-class escort on a coke binge we look for our next Starbucks fix or that perfect fucking bling bling in our private middle-class chambers.

It’s as though we feel entitled to the reward without having to work for it.  As in all things worthy of achievement the pursuit is our opportunity to prove to ourselves and our circle of influence that we can do better together as we embrace our passions within and allow our talents to flourish even under the most trying conditions. 

Couldn’t it be that the best things in life are already earmarked by the Universe for our proprietary use.  We just have to take action and get off our lazy ass to claim it before it’s too late. 

What’s the one thing holding you back from your dream win?  Is it only a matter of strategic positioning or requisitioning to claim it? 

©2018 Dream, Inspire, Visualize, Expect (DIVE) Publishing in partnership with Global Rainbow Citizen (GRC) Media and Passion Island Cove (PIC) Productions.  All Rights Reserved

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“Explore, Expect, Experience, Excitement” 

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