Decadent Passionate Desires – Sleeping With A Stranger 

In Bed with a Stranger

Sleeping with a ‘Stranger Things’ type girl or guy was never foretold to me in my fortune cookie message.  Nor that tarot card spread or horoscope I read the other day.  My spirit guide didn’t speak to me through my Angel Board either about this.  Am I missing a sign from God or have I lost my freaking mind? 

In the chaos and confusion of life you may tend to forget about your own inner passion.  That destiny waiting for you to share in your personal story.  To elaborate on your happy climaxes, while rewriting your chapters with a new muse in mind.  

Staring Into Destiny…That Stranger Looking At You From Across The Room 

You may stare at your Vision Board, full of Dream Affirmations and wonder why hasn’t my perfect love interest, home life, family, career, project, business, or luxury rewards happened yet.  You may even curse your future self by indulging in various addictions to numb your inner pain and turmoil from not getting your Universal desires right this very second.  

It’s like that fleeting moment when we meet someone we haven’t seen since high school or college and they look as good or perhaps better than we remember.  You may be thinking of popping that question of maybe we should go out tonight.  With hopes that the magical enchanted evening will just begin as our lips meet theirs.  Or maybe you want the perfect selfie to remember, so you take what seems like a self-absorbing and exhausting photo shoot.  Maybe photobombing is your thing so you are always looking for that unsuspecting opportunity to come your way.  By the way if you have any juicy ones please share! 

By sleeping with your consolation prize when you are destined to have the best of both worlds here and now.  Finding your most opportune escape out of this fucked up reality you alone created for yourself six ways to Sunday through the pleasing of another in lieu of your own emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs.  You may even risk safety and security for short-lived sexual salvation. 

Two Tickets to Paradise…First Class ‘Flight 2 Love’ 

Yes we all have more than our average share of baggage we must check in at the airport…crossing our fingers that we meet the requirements without having to pay additional fees.  Hoping we didn’t forget anything we might need for our tropical getaway and hoping we didn’t leave the stove on at home. 

I’ve been there.  Your To Do and Check List along with a collection of Post It Notes on your bonded leather planner.  Rushing to get to your new destination…running and slipping on ice.  And without thinking we end up back where we may have been escaping from.  Sleeping with the ghosts of our most decadent relational past

By learning to embrace your most difficult circumstances or your most ‘careless whispers’ between the sheets of your past choices.  Can you make your bed differently in the morn?  Yes you can.  Alone or better together in the embrace of your angel within.  

You don’t need to die to self or be born again so you can make it to heaven…you just need to surrender to the one you are with, then die in their arms tonight.  Your paradise found in between the sheets with another sleepy head beauty queen. 

Who will you share your dream of heaven tonight? What’s your next selfie, twosie, or better yet groupie to add to your collection taking up your futon on iCloud?  Or your best photobomb explosive memory? 

©2018 Mark Adam.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Living Life According To Our Best and Worse ‘Selfie’ ‘Twosie’ or ‘Groupie’ opportunities” 

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