A Whole Latte Love Advice – We Are All Connected But By Whom 

The Value of Shared Relationship 

Who are you getting down on your knees for?  Who do you worship? Why is it that we spend more time trying to please others before ourself?  

Now I’m not saying to be selfish or to think only of you 24/7 as if you are having a egotistical psychotic selfie episode that never seems to end. It’s just we should choose wisely and carefully to who we give and share of our valuable scarce time.  Because it’s the greatest resource we have and the most fleeting and unforgiving during seasons of both love and isolation. 

So be thankful and greatful for those moments and memories which seem not only to stand still as a framed picture but which will increase in appraised value over time. 

©2018 Mark Adam 

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