Your Daily Coffee Grind –    Cup #1 (Be Careful Who You Share It Hot With) 

A Breakfast 2 Remember 

Remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Ok I may be an old school hopeful romantic but I’ve been there at cafe shops across Europe, the Philippines, and here in the States.  That two story Starbucks really kicked ass in Manila and by the water in Makati.  

Coffee houses in Germany especially were great places to go to engage in people watching. Yup that was one way of playing out your downtime during the cold blistering Winter months. 

Be Mindful Who You Share Your Cup With 

Sharing a cup with that special someone is always a popular scene in Hollywood movies.  We have somehow lost touch with those Hallmark moments and now we tend to see more romantic trysts with our devices or laptops than with one another.  Maybe there’s an app for this shit to accompany our most decadent fantasies.  I’m sure somewhere a fresh young college grad is developing what will soon become viral and will change (or should we say Trump) the world.  

Our ‘selfie’ addiction has us rating each other by the latest trends or fads of our modern age.  God forbid we see our lover without makeup in the morning after one too many spontaneous one night encounters with that ‘stranger things’ guy or girl we just become soulmates with over that Margarita at dinner. 

Maybe it’s time we get back to basics and learn the art of conversing instead of being seduced by or romancing that device between your legs. 

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“Make your One Night a Date to Remember.”

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