More Shithole Wisdom from the Rose Garden – Turning Your Shitholes into Gloryholes 

Its a fine line between pleasure and pain

You can’t experience pleasure without going through some type of pain.  This is why the first time (in anything) is always remembered, because chances are it was painful as hell but you bit your lower lip and embraced the new overwhelming sensation.  A beautiful type of pain as real as love gets no different than the first time, only better with practice and experience made imperfect on your Kama Sutra Road to Success. TM 

The first time doing anything worth achieving well meant a sacrifice had to be made.  Whether it was irreplaceable time, hard-earned money, blind trust, buck-naked faith, shared desirability or personal vulnerability.  We all bring some sort of baggage to be checked in before we can board our ‘flight to love’ TM.  

Perfecting the Craft of Fucking It Up With Grace the Very First Time 

No one gets great at anything without ‘fucking it up royally’ the very first time (and many times after that).  Ok so you may be one of those self-proclaimed experts who believe you can do everything right every single time.  You despise failure so you must win at all costs.  I bestow onto you the Crown of Thorny Roses.  

Seriously if you’ve got a talent at anything (underwater basket weaving, tweeting, twerking, eating Tide Pods, writing crap like this)  then get off your lazy stanky ass and #whatthefuckever and become the best damn diva queen at what you love to do, regardless what the haters think.  Because what ya got is pretty sweet and insanely beautifully you. 

The world has enough Jackasses of All Trades and Master-baiters at Nothing…We need look no further than Congress or the White House and the glam sham of Pedowood.  

You Are The Shit 

Become The Shit like John Cusack and if you know which movie I’m referring to then you probably have written down your phone number on a five dollar bill before or inside the cover of Love in the Time of Cholera as well hoping to find your muse, your dream angel.  The search for the Perfect Fuck is anything but perfect and sure isn’t like a serendipitous roll in the hay.  But you just gotta be there, be still, and be open for the possibility of Love in the Time of STDs and find your matching glove in the middle of Manhattan, even if it’s the dead of winter and your ass is lost in Times Square. 

Strip Tease Your Own Dance With Fate…Faith In The Unseen Yet To Come 

By all means don’t write your own fucking obituary before you turn 35 and don’t die a hopeless fucking romantic before giving a dozen long stem red roses to the one you love.  Just take the chance, tell your dream muse you love them and slip them the tongue, and maybe even a ring onto their middle finger.  Be the Oracle in someone’s life.  Let them open your magical fortune cookie but don’t send them an easy message…make them work hard to decipher what you have so uniquely to offer. 

Imagine a World of Fucking Unicorns Under the Magical Rainbow of Your Altered State of Reality 

I’ll call this ‘delusional dysfunctional disorder’ where everyone gets a participation trophy just for showing up.  Well go bawl your eyes out in your little ‘safe place’ or closet holding your imaginary rainbow unicorn while sucking on a Magical Lollipop. 

It’s the core of any relationship and every partnership where a mutually-shared exchange is made.  Life’s duality of the fullness in human awareness and emotion found between the sacred and the profane; the pleasure and the pain in all of life’s WTF ‘selfie or photobomb’ moments.  FB relationship status: It’s complicated because I made it that way.  

Own Your True Passion Purpose When Pain Fucks With Your A – Game 

By focusing only on the immediate pain of the moment we neglect the passion just below the surface ready to be released as we push on through to the other side.  If you desire more than what you see in the mirror then you best change your appearance and demeanor because you were meant for something greater than the shithole you be living in.  If you desire the change you seek, create the glory hole your heart so longs after the one imperfectly made for your Passiongasmic once in a lifetime Golden Shower opportunity. 

©2018 Passion Island Cove Publishing.  All Rights Reserved. 

“Turning your Shithole into a Gloryhole, One Par at a Time” 

#Flight2Love #FlightToLove #ShitholesIntoGloryholes #TheShit #CrownOfThornyRoses #FuckingUnicorns 

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