The Artistry of Love – Revelation #2 (Pursuing One Voice…Dream Passionately – POV…DP) 

Living Life Shitfree and Beautifree…

Perhaps the greatest shithole we create for ourselves may be the very sinkhole of our own demise.  We choose by our own words and actions whether to beautify our environment or to funk it up. 

The moment we neglect the opportunity to serve and to love others outside our own sphere of influence is not what makes us greater again.  

Living Life With We In Mind…

As a globally-inclusive community of diverse opinions, beliefs, faiths, worldviews, status, gender equality, and cultural or sexual morals our strength as a country and as a God-fearing nation stems from the contributions of all global citizens and immigrants; legal or not as of yet.

We benefit from the ingenuity and passions of those differences and we all bleed the same crimson color as is evident in our national flag and in the hearts of those whom fought and even died to keep us free.  

Living Untainted Love Free From Hate…

Love is not always as perfectly clear as the same air we breathe or the refreshing life-cleansing water we drink.  For some the air is unbreathable and full of toxins.  The water may be unsanitary and non-potable.  

We are blessed beyond belief in America to have the highest of affluence and access to not only fresh water and clean air but our choice of where to live or to work without living under duress.  We can choose our own life path through due diligence and smart investment; both financial and physical in creating the future of our dreams for both our family and the community we live.  

Living Outside The Protective Bubble…

A false sense of hope and faith can be toxic when we choose words fueled by the fire of fear and hate instead of acceptance and love.  The latter only isolates and traps us within our own self-contained illusionary bubble.  A Mar-a-Lago paradise…the Secret Society of the Covertly Insane.  We should live our lives passionately and colorfully in action and not just by speak.  

We are only as great as we build each other up, but our nation is compromised when we build our foundation upon a sinkhole of shit-filled rhetoric and chaotic uncertainty in the face of fear and the reflection of ignorance. 

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“Rage Your Passion To Dream Greater” 

“Make Your Passion Great Again” 

“Pursue One Vision…Dream Passion” (POV…DP) 



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